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Night Sky Studios is a perspective and intense team of creating and promoting websites and also developing graphic design. Employees of the company are efficient and are familiar with modern trends, as well as technologies, and they for sure know what their customers want.

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We pay attention to the details. We care about suitable design, efficiency and security. Our clients from all over the world trust us with developing and support of large-scale projects.
Our team doesn’t just keep up on date, it is always a step ahead! That’s why any problem of your website will have multiple design solutions! With NSS you will ensure that perfect design exists!


Night Sky Studios is more than just developing, it is data and market analysis, qualified programming, individual graphic design for each client and 24/7 communication.

Chat Bots

We can make your life easier with a chat bot! Personal, blogging ratings, business, banking, mailing, notifications, getting information and so much more will be available with multifunctional chat bot, made according to your requests!


We create websites, which will be the key to your company success. We want our clients to have something not like others! So, it is important for us to come up with absolutely new design ideas for each project.


This aspect is one of the most important things in company branding, so our main goal is to make your project look concise and extraordinary. We can create or redesign your logo, website, brochures, business cards and others.


Dark Render

DARK-RENDER Is a creative studio that produces high-end visualizations. We provide our clients with top-class photorealistic 3D renderings including still images, animations, virtual reality spaces and virtual tours. We bring designs to life with the latest technologies.


Energy Consulting and Development Comapny

Company Consulting Development Energy «ECAD» today is one of the leaders of the development market in the field of solar energy in Ukraine.



The TOMMEK company was founded in Lviv in 1993 and is the distributor of the compressor equipment of the KAESER brand (Germany).


Telegram Defener (BOT)

Telegram Defender can be added to any channel or group. It will automatically scan links that get posted for malware, and will remove them if detected.




def quote(author="Alex"):
    return """Keep it simple, stupid!"""

Alex has extensive experience in the web industry. He has 5 years experience of work. Developed a lot of private projects. After completing the last project, he created a studio to make his new projects public for everyone.


I can create eye-catching view of your web site or others graphic design things.

Roxy is a creative and persistent designer, very quickly and accurately sets her tasks. Works in this area for about 3 years.


<div class="frontend-guru">
    <h1> Daniel </h1>
    <label> You Ain’t Gonna Need It </label>

Daniel is a professional of his job. Work experience in the web industry is more than 6 years. He also has considerable experience in the field of OOP programming

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Night Sky Studios is more than just developing, it is data and market analysis, qualified programming, individual graphic design for each client and 24/7 communication.


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